Some examples of our work.


I was recommended to Navya by a friend. My brows had been over-waxed for so many years, and I thought there would be no way to get them back to a full shape. Navya worked her magic, and I couldn't be more pleased. I often get compliments on my brow fullness and shape, and Navya is the one who deserves all of the credit! On top of being fantastic at her job, she's also just a great person, and I really enjoy every session with her. I have since recommended Navya to numerous people. She's the best!

Jordan Jeffus

ALRIGHT LADIES! This company may have very well been the catalyst for Shandi’s Choice. On a daily basis I get asked “Who does your eyebrows?” I swear I give this woman’s card out more than my own. She is the hands down, thank ya Jesus, Brow Guru of Austin, TX. I have been putting my brows in her hands for over 6 years and have seen her transform so many of my client’s brow-situations from zero to hero time and time again. I tell all my girls, whatever she says to do, you do it! Let her lead the way and trust her. She won’t steer you wrong. Not to mention She is the most loving human on the planet and gives the best hugs. I love Navya’s private, cozy little studio downtown. I swear it’s my little beauty sanctuary. Now, are you ready for your brows to meet the woman of their dreams? :)


I have been seeing Navya for almost 8 years now and I absolutely LOVE her!! I first went to see her for my waxing needs. I was always afraid to get my eyebrows waxed before I went to Navya. I had heard so many horror stories, but the moment I walked in I knew I had nothing to worry about. She is the most friendly person I have ever met and she put me at ease right away. My eyebrows looked perfect when I left! She truly is an artist, and I have never let anyone else touch my eyebrows since.

After I had been seeing her for a couple years and she knew about my acne troubles, she told me about these facials she did for acne and how miraculous they were. Of course I was skeptical, but I trusted Navya, so I gave it try since nothing else seemed to work. After only two facials I started getting compliments on my skin, something that had NEVER happened to me before. I did the whole round and by the time we were done, Navya was proven right, the results really were miraculous. After having struggled with acne for over a decade I finally had clear skin. It was amazing and I haven't had a single breakout since then. I absolutely love my skin now!! Navya is a miracle worker and a total joy to be around!